Web Analytics Education: Campaign Tracking

We created a series to teach you about the best free tool (and in my opinion the best tool, period) for web analytics: Google Analytics

The Google Analytics series thus far has covered the basics on reports from understanding the difference between Dimensions and Metrics, through selecting a date range, a chart option, or a secondary dimension. We then covered in detail how to setup an account, create profiles, add the Async code, and lately we explored eCommerce. See the full list below and at the bottom of every educational post.

Today we start talking about campaign tracking, a personal favorite of mine. With this technique, Marketing can really understand what is working and what is not. In my opinion this is where the rubber hits the road (at least initially) and where many spin their wheels trying to grasp and implement this concept.

I often make the analogy of driving a car without instrumentation. You may run out of gas or you may not, you may be speeding or you may not, you maybe halfway there or only a mile from your destination. I don’t know about you, but it would drive me nuts!

So please don’t Market blindly, learn to optimize your campaigns and therefore optimize your revenue.

The video:

The presentation:

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