Web Analytics Education: Changing Table Filters

We created a series to teach you about the best free tool (and in my opinion the best tool, period) for web analytics: Google Analytics.

In previous episodes were we talked about tables we covered Changing Graph Intervals and Changing Table Views Today segment is about filtering your data. We’ll show you how to use the basic filter and find information quickly and the under-used “Advanced Filters.” This will allow you to find the exact data you’re looking for.

The video:

The presentation:

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Introducing our newest team member, Bill Covington. A true computer veteran of almost 20 years, Bill started working in technology while in the military. Today he manages a corporate help desk and provides professional consulting to a wide range of clients.

Bill is a natural-born trainer. We think he was probably destined to be a teacher and we’re lucky that he put those skills to work in the technology field. He’s one of those “glass is half full” kind of guys and approaches his instruction so that it is a positive / effective experience.  This used to be done in a classroom environment, but is not longer restricted to that medium.  Bill now creates training videos (narrated &  highlighted / interactive) and these are incorporated into CMS training sites as well as posted on the internet.