Twitter Chatter: Quality Score Questions & Answers – Part I

Quality Score Questions & Answers
All of your most pressing quality score questions answered.  Unless you are like me and have well over ten questions about the mysterious workings of the Google quality score.  These questions and answers will at least get you started as you try to increase your quality scores.

Twitter Chatter: What’s Your Ad Rank?

What’s Your Ad Rank?
Are you trying to fill a bucket with a hole in it?  You may be if you believe that you can increase your ad position by just increasing your bids.  The truth is, ad position is determined by both bid and quality score.

Web Analytics Education: Segmentation Using Advanced Segments

Our second installment for segmentation covers advanced segments. This feature allows you to use some predefined segments or create your own and then implement them on the fly to a report or the whole analytical session.

The Google Analytics series thus far has covered the basics on reports from understanding the difference between Dimensions and Metrics, through selecting a date range, a chart option, or a secondary dimension. We then covered in detail how to setup an account, create profiles, add the Async code, and lately we explored eCommerce. Lately we covered goals and funnels, the meat and potatoes of Web Analytic. See the full list below and at the bottom of every educational post.

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