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Gain Crucial Web Analytics Information

In a world full of artificial and web intelligence, it’s easy to break down web analytics consulting–and the consultant who provides the services–into small parts. Knows and understand Google Analytics? Check. Has increased traffic on several business sites? Check. Has verifiable references on excellent web intelligence and analytics services? Check.

We know the industry buzz words, but what do you really need? Buzz or results?

Web Intelligence From MPThree

Proactive, Interactive Partners of Change

This is where MPThree stands apart. We understand the relevant technology and applications that go into web analytics and intelligence. We use strong diagnostic skills to provide insight and recommendations for change based on hard data. We’ll even help you convince key company decision makers. Most importantly, however, with MPThree you get a proactive partner in analyzing customer behavior and available data to influence targeted, knowledgeable changes on your website.

Ultimately, you get a collaborator: someone who helps create a vision, turn it into individual tasks and complete a seamless plan to deliver your audience to your doorstep.

We don’t just deliver jargon. With perceptive website analysis, we provide REAL intelligence.

Massimo Paolini

Massimo Paolini is the owner and principal analyst of MPThree Consulting, a web analytics business based in Silicon Valley. He speaks at various organizations on the power of social media and works with dozens of businesses around the country to increase their web presence, understand their site traffic, and improve profitability. With over 20 years of business and marketing experience in Canada and the U.S., Massimo jumped into the Internet world right at its inception and has developed a holistic approach to web intelligence that blends together site design, SEO, social media, content development, and consumer behaviors. When working with clients, his approach is instructional so that they will become more active in their own solutions.

Massimo is a leading educator in the areas of Social Media, Web Analytics, SEO, and WordPress, teaching workshops at Silicon Valley Code Camp, Women In Consulting , and at Stanford University.

More recently, Massimo has started working with non-profit organizations as a mentor in the Web Analytics exchange where he teaches people who are new to the field.

When not working, he is lecturing his 8-year-old son on the value of tetherball Twitter.