Level343 Testimonial

Organic SEOWe found Massimo and MP3 Consulting through microblogging when searching for a Web Analytics professional. Knowing that tracking data about our website was crucial, we had installed Google Analytics but just didn’t know how to use it to our best advantage. As a SEO expert, traffic to our site wasn’t the issue. What we needed was an improved conversion rate – to increase the quality of hits that turn into new client business.

It was clear from the start that Massimo is extremely knowledgeable. Ever professional, he had specific suggestions based upon hard data collected about our site. I’ve been in business for many years, meeting a lot of folks who aren’t real or can’t deliver on their promises. Massimo is a rare find; he opened our eyes to analytics as a powerful driver. Our partnership has morphed into complementary services where we can offer a whole package: SEO content development, SEO research and analysis, and – now with Massimo – Web Analytics. That’s extraordinarily powerful.

Small and medium-sized businesses are served well by Massimo, because he partners with you to achieve results. 300% Increase in site usageAccessible and diligent about connecting to business objectives, his advice is right on the money. Massimo does whatever it takes to implement smart and measurable solutions.

Gabriella Sannino