Magnolia Jazz Testimonial

Magnolia Jazz's original siteLike many people, I was doing my best to understand social media. Though I learned a lot on my own, I was still flailing about. For the last 35 years I’ve made a living with my jazz band, entertaining folks at private parties and corporate events. Even with an extensive network here in the Bay Area, I needed to make my band more noticeable, yet I was blind to the opportunities available to me.

I met Massimo at a Social Media Bootcamp where he gave an informative presentation on SEO. He offered great advice about best practices and the various tools available. He clearly had the expertise to help me develop a social media plan.
Magnolia Jazz's improved site
Extremely knowledgeable about Web 2.0, Massimo found a solution to every problem I had, and answered all my questions. Most importantly, he provided context, explaining why specific features would work best in marketing my business through a website, blog, email and Facebook pages. Now all these components work well together with a monitoring system in place.

Massimo is a master – tuned into what’s emerging in social media. He knows exactly where to turn for the right resource. Now I’m getting more exposure, receiving great feedback from clients and colleagues.

Robbie Schlosser
Magnolia Jazz Band