Web Analytics Services

Finding Your Secret Formula for Business Success

MPThree Consulting provides a wide range of web analytics services to help your online business. Join the dozens of companies, non-profits and individuals who have benefited from our four-step formula for peak website performance.

Website Audit: Phase 1

An in-depth website audit provides a complete website evaluation. We delve into your website, evaluating everything from SEO to design, from call to action to site search, links and more. The purpose of an in-depth website audit is to gain a complete understanding of the site, its structure, weight, user interface and market readiness.

The website audit answers questions such as:

  • Is your site easy to navigate?
  • Are you missing a call to action (or many calls to action)?
  • Does your SEO match your content?
  • Is your site user friendly and easy to understand?

Analytical Site Audit: Phase 2

If you aren’t using any form of web analytics, this phase consists of a list of items that needs to be done to set up Google Analytics. Google Analytics is one of the most popular free analytics programs available, and provides wonderful feedback on user behavior for your website visitors.

Once your Google web analytics tracking is installed, you can learn such things as:

  • How visitors are finding your site
  • How visitors navigate the website and where they go
  • Whether your main keywords (SEO) are reaching your audience
  • If visitors ever look on more than one page

Site Findings & Goal Discussion: Phase 3

At this point, we discuss the findings of the website audit, evaluation and web analytics reports together. We discuss the purpose of your site and narrow down what you want to accomplish for your business. In this phase, we use the findings and discovery to find your website’s formula for peak performance.

Implementation, Measuring and Adjusting: Phase 4

Services ImplementationTogether, we’ve found recognizable shortfalls that deter increased conversion and traffic. We’ve created an action plan laying out the steps needed for peak performance – your secret success formula. Phase 4 is putting that formula into action with steps that may include:

  • Creating trackable campaigns
  • Adjusting landing pages
  • Re-organizing site structure
  • Adding blog space
  • Optimizing SEO and social media efforts
  • Revising content

Through this entire process, from website audit and web analytics reporting to creating your formula, you will be asked to explore challenging questions with intention and clarity. With MPThree Consulting you have a website PARTNER — someone who has an objective and critical eye for getting the most from your website.

Hard data gives you crucial information for targeted changes and online business success. Contact MPThree Consulting today to find your website’s secret success formula!