Web Analytics Education: Filter for “Search Engine Result Page” rankings (part 2)

We created a series to teach you about the best free tool (and in my opinion the best tool, period) for web analytics: Google Analytics.

Our first 10 episodes took you through report basics including Dimensions and Metrics, Date Range Selection, and Secondary Dimensions. Today, in part 2, we complete the SERP filter we started in part 1.

Please note that you must create a new profile in your Google Analytics account to use this filter, otherwise you will be affecting all the data for your site.

Code for: 3. Add Position to Keyword (SERP)

From “Field A -> Extract A” dropdown: “Campaign Term” and type: “(.*)”
From “Field B -> Extract B” dropdown: “Referral” and type: “(\?|&)(start|first|b)=([^&]*)”
From “Output To -> Constructor” dropdown: “User Defined” and type: “$A1 | page: $B3”

Code for: 4 Rankings page 1 (SERP)

Search String: page:$
Replace String: Page: 1

Code for: 5 Rankings page 2 (SERP)

Search String: page: 1[0-1]$
Replace String: Page: 2

Code for: 6 Rankings page 3 (SERP)

Search String: page: 2[0-1]$
Replace String: Page: 3

Code for: 7 Rankings page 4 (SERP)

Search String: page: 3[0-1]$
Replace String: Page: 4

The video:

The presentation:

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