Six Media Mentors You Should Know

We’ve all been around the technology block long enough to see things come and go. Remember Beta tapes? The floppy disk?

So it’s no wonder that we cast a suspicious eye to social networking. Sure, all the kids are doing it these days, but they change their tastes before you can say “Abercrombie and Fitch.” What practical application does it have for adults? For the business person? We ponder the age-old question: what can it do for _me_?

Enter Janet Fouts, a senior partner at Tatu Digital Media in Silicon Valley, and a Social Media enabler (her words—not mine). Janet was doing research for her book, Social Media Success and she asked what people really wanted to learn. It seemed that they all had pretty much the same questions. She then set to work to assemble a team of independent mentors who will help fine tune your marketing and online strategies so that you will know, at the end of the day, what social media can do for you.

Meet them.