Your Front Page – It’s Not About You…

One of the most important things you can do to improve the content of your Front Page, in addition to use of Web Analytics,  is to ask yourself this question.   “Does this page address the concerns and needs of my site visitor?” – Will your site visitor immediately feel a connection and want to keep reading your content – and then take the next step, which is to be interested enough in your site to stay and check out some more information – maybe even sign up for your ezine or special offer…

Web Analytics can be used to see what topics are top of mind with your target audience for your web site – website  content can then be directed towards these hot topics.

Take an objective view of your current Front Page and ask yourself the question “Does this page address the concerns and needs of my site visitor?”

  • If the content of your Front Page is all about your qualifications, experience and education, the answer is “No”.
  • If the content  is all about how great your company is – then the answer is “No”.
  • If the content is all about how great a consultant you are….well, you get the picture.

You have spent an incredible amount of time, money and energy getting your web site visitors to your site, please don’t immediately turn them off  with “how great we are” content.  This will result in a quick click off.
Your visitors have a particular need or problem that they feel your website may address, otherwise they wouldn’t be there.

There is a place on your site for your qualifications and how great your company is – it just isn’t the first thing your site visitors want to see on your front page.

Give them what they crave – the answer to what they are seeking.

First and foremost you must provide your site visitors with content that is valuable to them.  Doing the upfront detective work by using Web Analytics with Google Analytics will give you valuable clues about how to direct the content of your writing towards your visitors’  topics of interest.  Needs and concerns may change from time to time, so using web intelligence to keep on top of these changing needs will keep your Front Page  fresh and current – and generating the life blood of your business, site visitors who return again and again.

I’ll be blogging from time to time on how to write for the web.  So next time we’ll talk some more about giving your site visitors what they crave.

Suzanne Elliott
Website Content Copy Writer

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One Reply to “Your Front Page – It’s Not About You…”

  1. Very good point Massimo! One could counter that many first time visitors are actually coming to your home page to find out who you are and what you offer. But your underline so rightfully that
    a.) don’t let the selling of how great you are interfere with them understanding who you are
    b.) not everyone coming there is new to you, etc.

    Thanks for the helpful reminder on this page that is the most political and difficult of all. I will remember that title line next time I am looking at a home page.

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