WordPress 3.0 Demystified – Part 1

Part I: A little fairy tale

Once upon a time there was a mysterious code invented called “hypertext markup language” that allowed people from all around the world to post information for anyone else to see. But since it was a code, people had to learn the crazy symbols and know how to use them. The coders in the world were very happy.

Then, the Adobe Kingdom introduce a very powerful spell called “Dreamweaver” that allowed the mysterious web pages to be made with a graphics program. It was so powerful that only people with 26-hour days could figure out how to use it. The graphic designers in the world rejoiced.

However, the remaining 99% of the universe was still puzzled. “How do _we_ make webpages?” they moaned. The coders and graphic designers cackled and pointed their fingers at the citizens. “You have to hire us!”

Then, Prince Matt Mullenweg rode in on his trusty steed and brought us WordPress in 2003. “Common people,” he proclaimed, “you all can make your own websites with ease AND post them at the same time.” With that, he bestowed a FREE program for all! The people were very happy.

Today’s slide session walks you through the initial setup where you need to establish your account.

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The WordPress 3.0 Demystified series:

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  1. Massimo,

    A great tale and a wonderful presentation. Look forward to partnering with you in the very near future!!


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