Twitter Chatter: How to Troubleshoot and Fix your WordPress Website

How to Troubleshoot and Fix your WordPress Website
I think most of us have had the dreaded moment of panic when we think we will just “tweak” our new WordPress theme to make it a bit more attractive.  We do our tweaking in the file editor, hit save, and then on to view our new and improved theme.  And, there it is, all messed up!  If you’re going to tinker with your theme you need to know how to troubleshoot should things go awry.

Twitter Chatter: Category in Permalinks Considered Harmful

Category in Permalinks Considered Harmful

Firstly, it’s really not any better for SEO to have the category in there, or to have just the postname there by itself. And anybody who tells you differently is wrong. If you disagree with me, then no, I’m not interested in arguing this point with you; you’re just wrong, period, end of discussion.”

Whenever someone is not open to discussing a point it’s a good indication that they could be wrong. In this case I disagree with the point of view and will gladly discuss it.

Twitter Chatter: Matt Mullenweg interview – Part II – The WordPress Podcast

Matt Mullenweg interview – Part II – The WordPress Podcast
The smile, the face, the man behind WordPress.  In part I of this series, Matt Mullenweg gave us a lot of information about WordPress.

In this second part of the series he talks about VaultPress; Automattic’s new backup system. Matt explains the features and pricing–then he discusses hosting and their up-times.

He also talks about the community and his involvement in it.  Listen to this conversation and learn about what he does, how he does it and appreciate the world this man has built and how it served its purpose to World Wide Web.

2.0 to go (web series): WordPress from start to finish

Let’s face it, the best part of take out is that you don’t have to do the cooking.

Come spend the day in our local Tech Kitchen as we whip up some fantastic web pages with WordPress. We call it “Make it and Take It,” but you can call it a mini miracle, you decide :-)!

I’m not saying that WordPress is easy-peezy-lemon-squeezy, but let’s face it: you’re all intelligent people with a keen eye for what you want in a website. Why let someone else control the wheel? We’ve designed this workshop with beginner and intermediate users in mind. By the end of the day you will have a better understanding of WordPress and sit in the driver’s seat of your own, custom-made site. And the best part is that you won’t have to pay someone else $5,000 every time you need a picture added. (Well, the best part is that you get personalized attention from the best in the Bay Area, but saving money is a close second).

Benefits of the Workshop

  • Install WordPress on a web host using FTP
  • Select themes, add content & publish
  • What are the best WordPress plugins / widgets to install
  • Keeping your WordPress website safe and secure from internet hackers
  • Controlling spam comments
  • Getting the help you need and putting it all Together

The Details

  • Hosting
  • Installation
  • Customization
  • Configuration
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Widgets
  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Media
  • Links

All this for only $99 with the discount code “mpthree” ($149 from August 1st to the 18th and $199 at the door, if space is still available.)

Chopsticks are optional.

P.S. Future 2.0 To Go workshops include SEO, design, social media, and content generation. Join our mailing list and you’ll be the first to know!

PPS. For those interested, we will be having one/one trainings for people – $25/15 minutes for either Massimo or Clyde.

WordPress 3.0 Demystified – Part 5

Part V: Give ’em what they asked for

Last, but certainly not least, is content. Today you’ll add pages, forms, and the actual MEAT (or beans, for vegetarians) to your site.

Be judicious!! Think of the things that make you leave a website and work to avoid them. For instance, I jump ship pretty quickly if there’s a ton of content on a single page that makes me scroll a lot. I’ve done my time in school—don’t make me read more novels! Get to the point and get on with it. Break up your information onto a few pages if you need. Read More about WordPress 3.0 Demystified – Part 5