Web Analytics Education: Tagging Online Campaigns

Today segment shows examples of campaign tracking. With this technique, Marketing can really understand what is working and what is not. The campaign sets the “expectation” for the client, we need to track it so that we can make certain our landing page meets that expectation and creates a happy client (a conversion for many of us.)

We will cover landing pages and how to improve those in a later installment.

The Google Analytics series thus far has covered the basics on reports from understanding the difference between Dimensions and Metrics, through selecting a date range, a chart option, or a secondary dimension. We then covered in detail how to setup an account, create profiles, add the Async code, and lately we explored eCommerce. See the full list below and at the bottom of every educational post.

The video:

The presentation:

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  1. I’m just beginning to dig into using campaigns and your material is extremely useful. Just wanted to say “thanks” for sharing it! I don’t currently use landing pages but I’m realizing they really are a key component to not only conversion but tracking as well.

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