Avoiding the Glazed Eyes Syndrome – Writing for Your Website Front Page – Part II

It’s a  fact. There is nothing more appealing to us than to know that we matter to others.  Creative use of web data mining by way of Google Analytics can help you unearth the hidden gold  “in them thar hills”.  The golden nuggets of information that, when used correctly in good content writing, can make your site visitors feel like the King of the Mountain.

When you meet a new person for the first time, do your eyes glaze over and your ears stop hearing them after a while, when all they can do is to go on and on about themselves?  How great their service is, how fantastic their qualifications are… on and on….

You want them to hear about you as well – a give and take of conversation.  Well, it’s exactly the same on-line.  If your Home Page isn’t focused totally on who your site visitor is, what their concerns and needs are, then they will do the on-line equivalent of the “glazed eyes” which is, to click-off your site and go elsewhere – where they are more appreciated and their concerns heard.

Use of  Google Analytics,  either on your own, or by using a web analytics consulting company,  can make the task of finding out what is going on with your site visitors so much easier.  Why  keep digging in soil that has no vein of gold? When just a few feet away the proverbial Mother Lode may be waiting for you.  Discovery may be as simple as website analysis.

In order to provide your on-line visitor with an experience that makes them feel heard and appreciated, you need to clearly understand who your visitor is – the whole demographic package.  Once you have this crucial piece of information you can use that as the foundation for your writing.

Your writing will be totally different if your primary audience is 20 years old, male and going to college verses 45 years old, female and working in a corporate job.

Until next time, Happy Data Mining

Suzanne Elliott
Website Content Copy Writer