Twitter Chatter: Dealing with Findability Disaster

Dealing with Findability Disaster
At some time every business owner will have to deal with an unhappy customer. That unhappiness can be heard even louder over the internet. You must know how to quickly and effectively drown out the negativity with the positive voices of your many satisfied customers.

Web Analytics & Search: What’s Happening to My Traffic?

You’ve spent $10,000 on your new web site design. 25 hours creating all the cool social media links for people to find you. Maybe you even bought 10,000 pay-per-clicks. But if you can’t figure out what’s happening to your traffic, all that earlier time and money is wasted. So what now?

First, it’s important to remember that the number that really matters is your bottom line. Then, turn to web analytics and look for the answers.
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