Twitter Chatter: F**king Writers

F**king Writers

WARNING: Language, as suggested by the title, and riveting reading in this post. Make sure you read the ensuing comments as well.

Writers and the pay they get–while there are some who can write great sentences in a jiffy, others have to sweat it out, so who’s honest who’s not?  Who’s good, who isn’t?

Where do you stand on this issue? Feel free to comment.

WordPress 3.0 Demystified – Part 5

Part V: Give ’em what they asked for

Last, but certainly not least, is content. Today you’ll add pages, forms, and the actual MEAT (or beans, for vegetarians) to your site.

Be judicious!! Think of the things that make you leave a website and work to avoid them. For instance, I jump ship pretty quickly if there’s a ton of content on a single page that makes me scroll a lot. I’ve done my time in school—don’t make me read more novels! Get to the point and get on with it. Break up your information onto a few pages if you need. Read More about WordPress 3.0 Demystified – Part 5